B2B SEO Services

Solomon Thimothy - January 4, 2014

Our B2B SEO services work at bringing in qualified traffic that converts into sales for your company. Our B2B SEO services are aimed at not only increasing your sales, but also increasing your brand awareness. B2B SEO services require a different technique than the usual B2C SEO.

At OneIMS, we provide quality B2B SEO services to a variety of businesses. Our expertise in B2B SEO services can provide your company with quality keyword rankings to help you bring in targeted traffic for your company.

How B2B SEO Services is different from B2C SEO Services

In B2C, visitors go through a much quicker buying cycle. Their research and decisions are often based on search engine rankings, website appearance, testimonials and portfolio. B2C SEO is usually about the immediate sale. However, B2B sales cycle can take much longer and is not about the quick, immediate sale. With B2B SEO services, your goal should be to make the website optimized for a buyer’s consideration list as they go through the various stages of the B2B sales cycle. Your B2B website may need to be optimized for a variety of terms that a buyer may search.

If you are interested in B2B SEO services, contact OneIMS today at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1 (1-888-663-4671).

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