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Content marketing is all about keeping things fresh and interesting for your readers. Informative articles are great, since you can deliver a message, news, or facts about something and you know that when someone reads it, they’ll learn something. But the truth of the matter is that simply posting article after article is uninspired and can make your reader lose interest.

Keeping someone engaged means using different formats of content for your information, such as videos, slideshows, and more. If you’re looking for a few new types of content, try these three—you may be pleasantly surprised.

Before & After Photos

If your business works with revamping anything—from websites to homes and anything in between, anytime you can show off your jobs and results, you should. Give potential clients the opportunity to see what you can do for them by showing them what you’ve done elsewhere.

Everyone loves to see dramatic results, and if you have proof that you can deliver excellent work, why not show it off? You and your staff work hard—showcase that work in a “Then & Now” blog post that details some of the work that you did for a client (provided, of course, that whatever you decide to showcase is not confidential information).


Depending on what your business deals with, a podcast may be a good outlet for information. If you can get industry experts or thought leaders to give an interview or have a conversation with, the information discussed on a podcast can not only engage your listeners, but it shows you have your ear to the ground in terms of new technologies for promotion and marketing.

Engage listeners and promote the podcast on your Twitter and Facebook pages—let your followers know you’ll be doing a podcast, tell them who will be appearing on your show, and invite them to join in on the fun and submit questions or comments that they’d like to hear discussed on air.

Q & A Videos

A similar concept to recording a podcast is making question-and-answer videos. You can use commonly asked questions related to your business or industry, or you can pose the question to your followers. Find out what people who know your industry want to learn about, and deliver. You can even start with a “basics” video – the most frequently asked about topics and questions.

Give people something to start off at, and if you feel so inclined, turn the Q&A video into a regular feature on your website or blog. Not only will this establish your company as a thought leader, but it will give your followers and potential customers a way to engage with you more.

Mixing up your content is a great way to keep both existing and potential customers interested in what your business is doing. Try one of these out!

Written By Solomon Thimothy

Solomon Thimothy is the co-founder of OneIMS. He works with clients small and large to design the growth blueprint that will help them grow and scale in a hyper-competitive world. Read his latest posts at thimothy.com

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