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Solomon Thimothy, May 29, 2013
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When companies are interested in growing their business, they obviously have to pick methods of marketing to future clients and customers. There are multiple strategies when it comes to marketing, though. One is called integrated marketing, and it involves using both traditional and non-traditional efforts of marketing and advertising.Β  The idea behind using targeted marketing solutions is that by implementing different formats and angles, a business or organization can cast a wider net than if they just used one outlet or format.

Benefits of Integrated Marketing

One of the main benefits of integrated marketing solutionsis that because they are offered up to different forms of media (for example, blogs vs. email vs. snail-mail), a larger group of people will learn about the company or organization that is being advertised. Additionally, it focuses on educating clients about what a business does, rather than simply using a quick tagline. It allows businesses to expand the level of content they offer to potential clients and customers, which means that there’s a greater chance of a customer becoming hooked in. It ensures that weaknesses from one medium are offset by the strengths of a different medium. For example, press releases may seem a bit dry, but when paired with content on social media networks, clients get a feel for what a company does as well as the atmosphere and office culture. The different formats of content allow for targeted marketing solutions to really become effective. It also allows for business’ creative teams to really shine, as there are so many different outlets to cater to, each generally requiring its own unique tone.

Types of Integrated Marketing Solutions

As far as what sort of media you can use to for integrated marketing, the possibilities are many. From simple press releases and direct mail marketing postcards to (hopefully) viral videos and more casual blog posts, there are plenty of avenues to explore. Companies utilize SEO articles and pages, videos, slide shows, blogs, and other formats of content, all of which work towards the business’ overall goal.There are a lot of companies out there that focus on integrated marketing solutions and help businesses implement those strategies for their goals. When you’re ready to transform the way you market your organization, start thinking about targeted inbound marketing solutionsβ€”if you need help, it’s out there waiting for you.

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