Marketing to Your Niche

Solomon Thimothy - March 7, 2013

marketing to your niche

Between the growing popularity of new and existing social networks and the continual increase in mobile web users, consumers with niche interests are finding each other faster and easier than ever—are you finding them, too? Long gone are the days when the most successful marketing was the kind that appealed to the most people. In today’s world of constant connectivity and heavy personalization, consumers gravitate toward the brands that speak to them the most, so don’t be afraid to hone in on your key demographics using a few choice targeted marketing solutions.

Target and Personalize

Targeted marketing solutions are predicated on the new and still-evolving ways that consumers interact with both each other and their brands. The Internet gives consumers the power to connect with those sharing like interests, creating virtual cliques and new ways of self-identifying. That in mind, marketing solutions that rely on broad, general-public messaging are no longer as effective as those directed toward certain audiences.

Identify your customers, or your would-be customers, and research what they respond to. Everything from the language and imagery you use to the marketing methods you use, like social networking and direct mail marketing, can be tailored so that they speak to your target audience’s interests. More than one target audience? Get used to running more than one campaign at a time—you have to respect and respond to the individuality of each demographic.

Invite Connectivity and Direct Engagement

The quick spread and accessibility of information on the Internet has made consumers more savvy than ever, respect their intelligence when implementing targeted marketing solutions. Consumers can easily identify a public misstep, and won’t hesitate to seize on it. A prime example is social networking—too many companies attempt to foster goodwill (and generate free publicity) on social networks by asking users to “like” Facebook pages or use promotional hashtags. Generally, consumers don’t appreciate being treated like opportunities for generating publicity. Instead, engage with your customers on social networks directly, responding to their queries publicly, inviting suggestions and offering tangible incentives.

Combining Old and New

Of course, targeted marketing solutions aren’t limited to the web, and traditional methods still have a valuable place in your strategy—you just have to implement them appropriately. For example, digital printing gives you the ability to customize your direct mail marketing more effectively than you could in the past. Take advantage of how new technology can improve time-tested marketing strategies, and you stand to increase their rate of success when you’re reaching out to a specific audience.

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