5 Social Media Monitoring Tools Your Business Needs

Solomon Thimothy - January 3, 2013

5 social media monitoring tools your business needs

Social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest continue to deliver incredible results for marketers, particularly those who work with small and medium-sized businesses. However, measuring the success of any social media presence goes beyond tallying up the number of “likes,” “followers” or “shares”. To really understand the impact of social media tools, you need to employ monitoring tools that provide real-time analysis of user’s behavior, comments and conversions.

Here are five social media monitoring tools that your business needs to use:

Google Analytics [http://www.google.com/analytics/features/social.html]

Google Analytics has been a staple metrics measuring tool for a while now, and with the recently-added Social Visitors Flow, it’s now easier than ever to perform a quick check on site visitors and activity. This tool is fully integrated with Google+ activity and provides users with clear info-graphs that show exactly which social media platforms are directing the most traffic to a website. Google Analytics also delivers an analysis of visitor behavior once they are on the destination site and a monetary valuation of conversion rates through Google’s Social Value charts.

Brand Monitor [http://brandmonitor.thismoment.com/]

Brand Monitor allows users to track a brand across all social media platforms in real-time, providing businesses with the information they need to become actively involved in relevant conversations about their products and services. This powerful proactive tool lets users identify influencers, track key words and respond quickly to any negative mentions.

TweetDeck [http://www.tweetdeck.com/]

TweetDeck by Twitter is a free personal social media management and monitoring tool that allows users to wrangle all their social media accounts through a single, simplified dashboard. This is an ideal tool for entrepreneurs, contractors and freelancers who need to juggle 3-5 accounts at a time. TweetDeck is offered in both mobile and desktop versions, making it easy for users to update and monitor their social media feeds from any mobile device.

Facebook Insights [http://developers.facebook.com/docs/insights/]

Facebook Insights provides Facebook-specific metrics that allow businesses to see exactly how users are navigating their Facebook page and Apps. It provides valuable demographic information on who has “liked,” “shared” or “commented” on a page using the Insights Dashboard, displaying these metrics on both the Facebook Insights dashboard and a downloadable file (.CSV or Excel).

Wildfire [http://www.wildfireapp.com/]

Wildfire is a collection of social media monitoring tools from Google that is available in three different configurations; free, a la carte tools or a complete marketing suite. Wildfire manages over half of the world’s top 50 brands providing social media management services such as promotion management, competition tracking and daily trend reporting.


By using one or more social monitoring tools to track your social media presence, you can capitalize on the power of SMM while staying on top of any negative buzz about your brand or business. Social media monitoring ensures your resources are being maximized, leading to greater conversion rates. After all, social media marketing isn’t a popularity contest, it’s about meaningful, active customer engagement that boosts sales and complements existing branding and marketing efforts.

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