The 5 Most Infuential People in Marketing for 2012

Solomon Thimothy - December 21, 2012

Neal Mohan





Today, marketing is the backbone of any business since it is the means by which businesses get their products or services to their customers. Marketing involves the publicizing of the core of a business to potential clients, and informing existing clients of innovations that would interest their needs. A huge part of marketing involves conducting frequent research on the niche market. This helps define their changing needs and how best to produce products that will satisfy these needs. Marketing plays a pivotal role in the success of any business. The people who put in time and effort daily towards creating a productive marketing business in many corporations have a passion for the marketing process. This passion drives them towards coming up with new and innovative ways to package what their company offers. Marketing requires constant feedback and quick responses to keep up with any changing needs of clients.

Though there are many people in the marketing industry, the following people have had the greatest influence on the marketing field in 2012

1. The Chief Operating Officer of Facebook

Sheryl Sandberg is in charge of packaging the business side of the social media website, Facebook. She has influenced the advertisement based business strategy that has brought success to Facebook. This strategy has made it possible for Facebook to lead the online marketing campaign through tactical measures. Continuing with this trend will be sure to bring more success to Facebook as a company.

2. The Chief Executive Officer of Unilever

Paul Polman holds this powerful position. Since he took over, the organic sales have experienced a 7% increase while the stock price has gone up by 12%. The aim is to bring back the lost glory of Unilever, and it seems he is on the right track. His assertive leadership style will ensure that Unilever creates ripples in the marketing world and ultimately increase its popularity and stock value.

3. The Vice President of Product Management at Google

Since Google bought Double Click, Neal Mohan has spearheaded the entire advertising technology. His plan is the creation of one platform that drives digital advertising. As most channels become digital, this plan will improve the current display advertisements to greater ad tech features.

4. The Executive Vice President of Yahoo’s America’s Branch

Ross Levinsohn is responsible for taking steps aimed at ensuring that third parties do not hijack the online advertising and marketing value chain. Businesses pay a fair amount to have online advertisements, without any reduction along the value chain. Involvement of third parties usually means that this process becomes more complex and reduces the overall value gained.

5. The Founder of Adbusters

Kalle Lasn is at the forefront of Adbusters. His work has mainly involved campaigning against commercialism. He may not seem as one who is enthusiastic about marketing, but his work involves creating memes that become viral within days of release.


Everyone on this list contributes towards building a successful and lasting marketing presence for their companies. They keep the client needs at a priority level and work towards producing marketing and advertising campaigns that reach out to clients.

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