5 Effective Email Marketing Tactics

Samuel Thimothy - December 14, 2012

Even though the buzz and excitement are nothing like other marketing tactics, email marketing is still the best way to get the attention of consumers or visitors from the Worldwide Web. If email marketing is done properly, you will gain many clients as well as regular new prospects. Below, you will find five effective tactics for email marketing: 

Pique Interest with a Convincing Subject Line

According to statistics, about 20% of all emails are opened daily. Therefore, your main goal is to ensure that your clients and prospects open and read all your emails. In order for this to happen, you need to create emails that have compelling subject lines. A convincing subject line will concisely let your clients and prospects know what they can expect. When creating a subject line for your email, you must avoid using cliched or spammy words. In addition, you should keep track of the length, as a long subject line tends to get cut off on the preview window.

Find the Right Frequency That Works

In order to get the most out of any email marketing strategy, it is imperative to get the message across at the right time. The right time to do this depends on the industry that you are in and the target demographic, consequently, you need to take the time to experiment. Additionally, you have to monitor the results that you obtain. Through the results, you can determine when will be the right time to deliver the emails to your clients and prospects.

For instance, if you noticed that your target audience responds better during the week between three o’clock to five o’clock, then you should stick to that time. Aside from the time, the frequency of the emails should play a huge part as well. If you do not send emails too often, your audience might start to lose interest, but if you send them too frequently, you might end up annoying your audience. It is crucial to get the frequency of your emails spot on.

Make the Emails Personal

Starting your emails with “Dear Sir/Madam” is not likely to win the hearts of your clients, as emails are meant to be personal. Always construct an email with that in mind. There are many email marketing programs that allow you to include personal messages or information in your emails, which also means that you are able to communicate with your clients on a first-name basis. However, you should avoid using their first name too frequently, as it can have a negative impact. The right balance will show your clients how much you care about them.

Divide Your Lists

Once you have written a copy of your email, you need to set up the lists. If you have a large number of clients, you will realize that not all of them would like to receive each email that you send out. There will always be only a few that are suitable to receive a particular email, thus, dividing your contacts or clients into several lists or categories would be ideal. By doing so, you will not send the wrong email to the wrong group of clients.

Meet the Terms of All Regulations

Avoid sending your customers too many emails in a day, as that could be considered as spam. Sending spam emails could violate the terms and conditions of the CAN-SPAM act; therefore, it is sensible to follow every regulation as closely as possible.


The above tactics should be used in order to ensure that all your email marketing strategies work well. Take the time to construct quality, attention-grabbing emails before you send them out to your list of clients.

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