5 Ways B2B Holiday Marketing Pays Off

Solomon Thimothy - December 12, 2012


While many B2B marketing strategies suggest toning down efforts during the holiday season, this logic can actually be detrimental. Scaling back the work you do can negatively affect the attention your brand gets, and some experts say that the end of the year is a fine time to make a final push for your business, as it can help start out the new year strong.  There are five ways B2B marketing can help during the holidays.

1) There’s Less E-mail Distraction

One benefit of holiday marketing is that your competitors may not be as focused at this time of the year. During November and December, there is less B2B email traffic, which can help your business stand out. Send out thank you letters to current and prospective clients for making your year great, or send out a newsletter about what’s to come to get people excited for the year to come. Now isn’t the time for hard-sells—it’s about a quick touch-base email that keeps you in the picture.

2) People Are Thinking Ahead

People are thinking ahead for the new year—not just about their personal resolutions, but also about their business prospects. This is an excellent time to generate new relationships and strengthen existing ones by demonstrating how your brand can help them meet their goals for the upcoming year. Be mindful of this when developing your marketing strategy. This is the perfect time not to try to acquire new business, but to simply raise awareness of your brand.

3) You Can Take Advantage of Taxes

While holidays aren’t typically a time for putting forth your strongest sales pitches, there are some companies that, for tax purposes, want to unload some cash. Creating promotions that are designed to entice these companies to do business with you is a smart strategy.

4) There’s Time to Reassess the Potential

Despite the potential that your competitors are letting their guard down in terms of marketing strategy during the holidays, it’s been shown that B2B brands see an uptick in attention and traffic during the holidays. Take advantage of this, a time when you can increase your email communications. B2B can benefit from increasing their outbound marketing strategy during the holidays, rather than neglecting it.

5) You Can Strengthen Business Relationships

The holidays can be a touchy subject for some people and organizations, thanks to the various religious affiliations people hold. Regardless of what your beliefs are, remember that not everyone and every business has the same beliefs. Being mindful of the language and imagery you use in your holiday marketing blasts can cement your business as one that respects others. This is essential when aiming to acquire new business.

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