5 Steps to Successful Content Marketing

Solomon Thimothy - December 11, 2012

Most startups are finding themselves strapped for cash. In addition, they have no idea that a blog can be one of the more powerful and effective tools to use when seeking to increase traffic to a website. Most people find it time consuming and rather difficult to create content. Blogging is still a great way to generate quality leads and startups definitely need to ensure that they are blogging regularly. Over time, the value of blogging will certainly be seen. Use the following steps to market your content successfully:

1. Keyword Search

You need to conduct a detailed keyword search to help you find relevant and related keywords that have more than 10,000 monthly searches. Thereafter, you have to determine the CPC of every keyword by running a PPC campaign. This will help you to rank each keyword’s value. Decide on about 6 to 10 keywords that rank very high for your service or product and then build your blog so that it will rank according to them.

2. An Editorial Calendar is Essential

Create around 20 blog posts with focused headlines as part of a backlog. Always write your headlines first and keep the keywords in mind. Your headlines need to draw the reader’s attention. After every 6 to 9 viral content pieces that you create, you need to come up with one pillar content. Pillar content are master references or guides that people usually bookmark for a later date. Viral content is content that people often want to share through Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Always try to write about content that include hot topics that directly relate to your chosen keywords.

3. Hire Writers

If you find that writing content is tiring, time consuming and difficult, then you might want to consider hiring writers to do the job for you. The costs of hiring a writer to write a blog post can range from as low as $15 to as high as $120 per post. You should try to reach out to some of the top bloggers in the industry, as they are usually interested in exposing their name further and making some extra money.

Always ask any writer that you want to hire for some samples first. Ask for links to published work that they have completed. This will help you to eliminate writers that are not suited for your specific requirements.

4 & 5. Promoting Your Content and Metrics

You are able to market your content by submitting it to social networks such as Reddit, Digg or StumbleUpon, or you can leverage your social media to further build momentum. Always measure the successes and effectiveness of each social channel or network that you use. The use of Google Analytics will come in handy here. It allows you to keep track of the traffic generated and the conversions achieved from all the traffic sources that you used. The more you know about your traffic, the easier it will become to create the best content and grow your website and sales as well.


Out of all the important things that a startup needs, a blog with quality content that will attract loads of visitors is still extremely valuable in providing inbound leads. Follow the above mentioned steps and your content marketing will deliver the type of traffic and attention that your business needs.

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