5 Necessities for Establishing a Culture of Content Creation

Solomon Thimothy - November 23, 2012

Content creation is often left to the company’s marketing department; in some cases, the job is even off loaded onto the plate of one or two individuals. This way of developing content works but is not the best method for content creation. An organization’s content involvement, be it digital or social marketing, is optimized by a culture of content creation. By spreading the responsibility through various departments, a wider range of material and viewpoints becomes available.

The following 5 strategies will foster a culture of content creation:

Leadership from the top downward

Without leadership from the top and follow through on each level, the employees will not embrace any change. Each member of management must display an enthusiasm for developing a culture of content creation. Before introducing inclusive content creation to the employees at large, management must first be trained and have a thorough understanding of what is involved.

Providing support and direction

Although all management must be involved, there is still a need for one individual to spearhead the effort to expand content creation. This person will run point and insure that all technical support and production support is in place. Additionally, he or she will be responsible for setting guidelines, facilitating the dissemination of content and in general managing the publication of the creative content provided.

Giving clear guidelines

Employees work best when they know exactly what is expected of them. They want to be productive and provide valuable contributions to their place of business but are often stymied by not knowing exactly what is required of them. Including the contribution of creative content into job descriptions along with providing measurable, easy to understand goals will build acceptance and stave off frustration.

Investing in proper training

In addition to knowing what is expected of them and having a method of measuring participation, employees require proper training to maximize their content contribution. They need clear and concise guidance concerning the company’s content strategy as well as education on the various platforms they are to use. Learning how to identify opportunities for creating and/or capturing content will increase their confidence in content creation.

Showing Appreciation

The final step, the one that brings the whole process home is showing appreciation and rewarding a job well done. Although monetary rewards and time off are highly priced, a simple well done coupled with greater autonomy or an increase in responsibility will encourage your employees to continue to create content to the best of their ability.

Bottom Line

The creation of a culture of content will enable your organization to take advantage of a broader base of knowledge. Every aspect of your business will be represented with posted content and you will present a more comprehensive few of what you have to offer potential customers. Success in this endeavor will be assured if you carefully pay attention to each of the above five strategies.

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