4 Ways to Increase Website Site Traffic With Facebook

Solomon Thimothy - November 16, 2012

While Facebook is the leader of the social media pack, most businesses are not getting the full value from using it. Learning to fully utilize Facebook with marketing efforts can boost traffic to your website help you and achieve marketing success. Here are four ways to use Facebook as a channel for increasing your website’s traffic.


1. Focus on Visual Aides

Since Facebook introduced its timeline design, there has been a major shift to focus on the visual aspect of users’ pages. Users respond more to—and are more likely to engage with—photos, videos, and visual content than they do to just plain text. It is important to use visuals on your Facebook page as much as possible.


2. Use Facebook How It’s Meant to Be Used

Often, marketers try to do the same thing across every social media channel when there are specific ways to spread content on each one. Facebook is not Twitter, so why would a company auto-publish 140-character Tweets onto its Facebook page?  Personalized content will get more interaction, as it reflects that a company is engaging with its fans and followers in unique ways, not just treating each social media platform as the same. The content you share on Facebook should be reflective of your company’s desire to build relationships with its fans and followers.


3. Include Links to Your Website as Much as Possible

If you want to increase traffic to your website, you have to tell people where to go. Use Facebook as an opportunity to get your website out there. Including the link to your website not only on the company’s Facebook page but also in its Facebook posts is key if lead generation is your goal. To take this further, consider linking to a landing page that is relevant to the Facebook post, as doing so will make it easier for users to find where and how to do business with you.


4. Measure Engagement with Content

It is also important to measure your Facebook page’s engagement to see if people are paying attention to your content or not. Additionally, look at the types of content visitors are responding to and the content they’re ignoring so you have a basis of what to work on next and what your focus should be.  Another important metric to look at is the conversion rate of traffic coming from your website to Facebook. Looking at this number will help you determine if you are attracting the best traffic—people who will ultimately do business with you— or if you need to refine the content you’re sharing more.



Facebook can have a huge impact on your website traffic. If you are willing to work with it, not against it, you can see an increase in your website’s traffic. If you work on building relationships with your audience on Facebook, then when they are ready to invest in your products and services they will not hesitate to do so, since you have already invested in them.

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