How to Convert Facebook Fans Into Paying Customers

Solomon Thimothy - November 9, 2012

The concept of Facebook marketing is a little confusing to many owners of small businesses. They do not yet see the connection between building up a fan following on this social networking site and increasing sales, so they do not find it to be a worthwhile investment of their time and money.

Photos, videos and questions have proven to be the most popular form of content on Facebook news feeds. As a business owner, you should definitely take advantage of this momentum in boosting sales. The ultimate aim should be to get your fans to visit your website and improve your conversion rate. For this, the fans need to build a rapport and a relationship of trust with you. Facebook offers many possibilities, as discussed in the step-wise approach below. 

1. Provide Engaging Content

Remember that people use Facebook for entertainment purposes and to make new and interesting connections. Do not jump right into business and start talking about products, pricing and brand promotion here. Instead, get them interested in your profile by providing unique content. Include more of visually stimulating multi-media, which has a high rate of going viral. As you get more comments and shares, your EdgeRank score will improve; this in turn will give more your posts visibility on news feeds of fans and friends.

Encourage their interaction by providing calls to action with prominent “share” and “comment” buttons. Avoid lengthy text, while using more of pictures and videos. You will need to keep changing your approach to providing engaging content, all the while testing results to find what works best for your business.

2. Convert Interest into Action (Generate Leads)

After amassing followers and getting them involved in reading and sharing your content on Facebook, you need to pick up these leads and generate sales for your website. For this, provide your fans with a Facebook custom app or an external link that takes them to your website. Give them a good reason to open it; this could be a contest, a free e-book or a webinar invite.

3. Effectively use E-mail Marketing

By now, you would have built up a list of potential customer contact details through Facebook. Use these e-mail addresses to send informative newsletters and discount offers about your business, and eventually put forward your sales pitch. This is a more focused channel to approach qualified leads, rather than broadcasting sales-related messages to all your followers on Facebook.

The e-mail marketing channel also requires some percentage of engaging content along with the sales talk. First entice them to read your recent blog posts, download an informative report or register for a webinar on your website, all free of charge. Once they begin to see value in your content, apply your marketing strategies to generate business; you can be assured of customer conversions.


You will need to have faith and patience, and Facebook marketing can be a rewarding strategy for boosting sales. By following these steps, your Facebook fans are very likely to soon become paying customers on your business website.

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