How To Build A Trustworthy Blog In 7 Steps

Solomon Thimothy - November 7, 2012

In order to make more money online from your business, you need to build trust with potential clients and customers. If you have a blog on your website, it’s important to make readers feel like they can trust the information that they’re reading. Below are seven ways to improve your business and blog’s trust-factor with prospective clients and customers.


1) Educate Your Readers


One of the most important things when you are constructing your blog is to feature or write

content that your readers can learn something from, or which solves a specific issue. When you solve an issue for one of your readers, even if the readers do not subscribe to your blog instantaneously or share the post to Facebook or Twitter, there’s a better chance that they’ll come back to your blog.


2) Add Your Business Contact Details

A recent report stated that search engines such as Google prefer blogs or websites that include contact details of the business. By doing so, you are showing your potential clients and customers that you are a real business. A great place to add your contact details such as your address and telephone number will be in the footer area of your site so that your contact details will appear on each page of your blog.

3) Include a Clickable Email Contact Form


When your blog’s visitors want to get in touch with you, a visible and clickable email address should be the easiest way to do so. Visitors on your site shouldn’t have to search around for a contact email. Instead, make it easy for your readers to contact you—and, more importantly, reply to them. Being accessible builds a good reputation for your business.


4) Privacy Policy


A highly-visible privacy policy clearly should be posted on your website, especially if you require visitors to provide you with information. This lets them know that their information will not be shared or sold to third parties.


5) Transparency


While not mandatory, you should consider including a bit of information about you or your business on the blog. A simple “About Me” or “About Us” section lets your visitors know who and what they are dealing with.


6) Social Media Integration


These days, it is difficult for any online business owners to increase traffic, trust, and visibility without integrating some form of social media interaction. By integrating social media platforms, people can communicate with you and your business more conveniently. Additionally, they can then share your content with their friends. The more people that interact with you and your business, the better. To do this, add social media buttons to your blog.


7) Ratings System


If your business provides a wide range of services and products, you should consider adding a ratings system, as it is an effective way to increase your website’s trust factor. Many of the leading retail websites built their names through this system, as it allows potential customers to see what they can expect.

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