5 Judges of Your Content Marketing

Solomon Thimothy - November 5, 2012

There are many ideas floating around the web about how to go about getting the highest amount of exposure for your text. We forget that the web is made up of a panoply of unique individuals, and so there is no one-size-fits-all method that will satisfy everybody. How can one act decisively? Many will even admit that their own web pages and articles need improvement. If profits from authentic material are your goal, then you should be aware of several crucial factors that can affect your material’s presence on the web.Β Β 

Search Engines

These are the bottom line when it comes to your Internet presence. No matter your popularity on individual web sites, you need search engines to send you a steady stream of new readers. The longevity and accessibility of your material requires indexing by search engines, as these are what people turn to first when they need the answer to a question. Different search engines do things differently, but they all prefer material that is well-written and original (I’ll give you a hint; the most popular search engine rhymes with “doodle”).


If you thought you could get away with simply romancing a search engine or two, guess again. Web sites where people share the things they like (e.g. Facebook, Reddit) provide an additional layer of social selection. In a very real sense, these web sites prove to the search engines that real humans like certain web pages, so engaging with these online communities is a must.

Intended Consumers

There is not much that is more important than prospective consumers. Your prospective readers and buyers are real people with real preferences, and you need to respond to them. They want something, and your job is to give it. Know your goal inside and out.


This should go without saying, but make sure that your web pages are easily accessible to everyone. Not everyone uses the same computer, hardware, and software as you, so be aware of fashionable technology fads. If your business would benefit from you catering to a different platform, please do so kindly.


Lastly, never forget those that you work with. Whether your colleagues, coworkers, and business partners are in the next room or on the next continent, they have a better understanding of your web work than anyone else apart from you. Listen to the wisdom of the people who get their daily bread from the same places as you.


To garner as much attention as possible for your material online, you need to closely monitor and master these five important factors: machines (search engines), people (sharing), audience (potential consumers), platform (accessibility), and allies. These five factors are the bottleneck to your success. No matter your ingenuity, you cannot escape their influence, so do the best to make it happen for your own good.

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