4 Types of Killer Content

Solomon Thimothy - October 31, 2012

Market management in the modern world is not easy. Most modern marketing is done online, over a wide variety of platforms and the need for new content is constant. Marketing departments have to learn how to do much with little. This means that marketing professionals need to be creative, efficient, and flexible. It also means getting the most out of all of your resources

Content marketing and social media marketing are integral parts of online marketing for any business. To do these forms of marketing effectively, you need to organize content creation so that it rolls out like clockwork, with a minimal investment of time and money. The first step in this is to inventory your existing stock of content and social media postings so that you know exactly what you have to work with. Armed with this knowledge and a knowledge of your company’s overall goals and your marketing plan, you can create a strategy that utilizes these four fundamental types of content:    

Original Content

Creating original content is critical to attracting the attention of potential customers and converting them into actual customers. While original content needs to contain the right keywords and descriptions, it should have the capacity to remain fresh-seeming and relevant for as long as possible. Once it does go out of date, it can be repurposed for future content needs.

 Repurposing Content

While content marketing uses a lot of original content, it is just not that efficient to use only original content. This is because creating quality original content takes time, money, and talent. Instead, it is better to use a mixture of new content and repurposed content, such as interviews rewritten as articles, or two old blog posts combined and rewritten to serve as a new instructional article. Rewriting is faster, less expensive, and requires no additional research, so use it when you can.

Co-Creating Content

Between the two extremes of original content and repurposed content is co-created content. This is content that was partly made by others and partly by yourself. One way of doing this is to get industry leaders to contribute short articles about different subjects and tweak them to form one comprehensive e-book.

Content Curation

Another quick and easy yet effective method of getting new content is curating other people’s content. In other words, gather together articles and videos by other people, where you are legally able to, and compile them into a comprehensive, well organized directory.

General Strategy

As a rule of thumb, publish one wholly original article each month. This should be accompanied by two co-created projects, two repurposed articles. Adding one curated content creation each month would also be ideal. This approach will likely provide your company with a good-sized Internet presence without taking up too much time or expending too many resources.

When you are working with minimal resources and time, you need to work as efficiently as possible. To be as efficient as possible, you should plan as much as you can. To that end, you should find an editorial calendar, and use it.

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