8 Ways to Win More Customers

Solomon Thimothy - October 24, 2012

It is generally thought that in business, to attain more customers is difficult, but in reality it does not have to be. The following activities are not difficult or time consuming and could as much as triple your success rate.        

1. Request More Referrals

An easy way to find more customers is to ask your current customers to name possible people that they know who might be able to use your services or products. Contact them via email, phone or send a text message daily to make up your list. You can also ask the customer to handle an introduction. (10 minutes required / day)

2. Prioritize Prospect List

Many persons found on prospect lists offer no value and will only waste your time. Every moment that you spend selling to these prospects is valuable time wasted, so make sure to contact only prospects that fit the desired profile. (15 minutes required / month)

3. Shorten Messages

Many of your marketing messages are often too long. An effective marketing message only consists of the following:

– A clear statement that says what your specific offering will mean to the customer

– Why your particular product or service differs from what your competition offers

Eliminate opinions, adjectives and adverbs to shorten each sentence. (1 hour required in total)

4. Research the Competition

You definitely need to know as much as possible about each of your competitors. Complete daily checks on their websites, and look for changes to products, open job positions, financial news and more. Go through your list of competitors often, and ensure that you are never blindsided. (5 minutes required / day)

5. Improve Listening Skills

When it comes to your customers, you need to improve your listening skills. Try to actually listen to every word a customer is saying, and carefully think about what he or she conveys, before you respond. It is easy to learn, but it will take a bit of time and effort. (30 minutes required in total)

6. Disqualify Leads Quicker

When talking to a customer, concentrate on looking for signs that he or she is not interested in buying. This will help you to quickly disqualify customers that are only going to waste your precious time. (1 minute required / customer)

7. Keep Track of Customer Milestones

It is important to track your customer’s decisions and what causes them to finally buy. Always provide the customer with what he or she needs to eventually make that correct decision. (10 minutes required / day)

8. It’s Important to Follow Through

Often, you find that a sales person loses a sale because he or she does not follow through with the sale. Following through with a sale should be part of your sales techniques. You will find that customers will gradually start to trust you more. (5 minutes required / day)

Sticking to these suggestions may not be easy, but they can be effective methods to gain more customers. Soon, you will experience the benefits in your business as well.

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