What Is on Your Business Website That Shouldn’t Be?

Solomon Thimothy - October 22, 2012

Regular website maintenance is an important part of running a business online, and an important part of website maintenance is regularly inspecting its content for accuracy and relevancy. Business websites need to be streamlined, focused, and tweaked for maximum effect on potential customers. If you want to make sure that your website works for you rather than against you, then keep checking it for these content issues. These issues can make people reading your site think that you can’t manage details, that you don’t know what you are doing, or even that you have gone out of business.       

1. Inaccurate Prices

Having old prices listed for your products or services is the number one mistake to avoid, as few things will damage your business more than this will. If the old prices are too low, customers who find they have to pay more than they expected will feel cheated or otherwise upset. Whatever the old prices are, it will make you look lazy or incompetent. It could lead to legal liability issues. It will definitely cost you sales and hurt your company’s image.

2. Discontinued Merchandise or Services

Leaving pictures, descriptions, and even pages for discontinued products or services on your business site means that customers will try to place orders with you that then have to be refused. This will lead to damage to your company’s reputation.

3. Old Bios and Pictures

Having bios for company members who no longer work for the company makes the website look like it is never updated and therefore irrelevant. Outdated pictures, such as a shot of your storefront in the 90s, have the same effect.

4. Descriptions of Coming Events that Have Already Gone

At best, this makes your company seem lazy or inept. At worst, potential customers will think you have gone out of business.

5. Missing Links and Absent Pages

Not only will this frustrate your potential customers and lead to a lower conversion rate and bad online reviews, but it will also lower your company’s position in search engine rankings.

6. Outdated or Inaccurate Terminology

Every industry has its own unique terminology. Using outdated terminology or, worse, the wrong terminology does not make your company seem like it is on the cutting edge of the industry. It also makes customers online less likely to even find your company’s website.

In short, get rid of everything that isn’t up-to-date and immediately relevant to increasing your business. Use talented web designers for all of your business online. They can tell you what works on your site and what doesn’t.

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