How to Build Powerful Social Media Connections

Solomon Thimothy - October 17, 2012

If you are one of those people who haven’t really gotten far into the world of online social media yet, then you probably don’t really know what connections in these online worlds can do for you. Many people have nothing more than what you might term “maintenance level” interactions on their social media sites. For example, posting something on Facebook, having it liked or linked to, thanking the person that did it, and then liking or linking to something of theirs in a form of payment. This sort of basic connection doesn’t really do much for you, there is no real exchange of anything of value. It is one thing to have fans or followers on social media sites, but actually getting to know them well enough to develop a real connection is something quite different. Follow the following tips if you want to develop genuine, useful connections on your social media sites.      

 Show Interest, Ask Questions

Offering your thanks to someone for tweeting out your link shows politeness. Asking them questions shows a personal interest on your part. Ask them how they are doing. Ask their opinion about what you wrote or posted. Ask them things about themselves, such as things that are printed on their bios or About Me pages. This might mean doing a little homework first, of course.

 Make Comments

Offer your own comments on their writings, pictures and links. Tell them what you liked about them, and even what you didn’t like. While you shouldn’t be rude, you should be honest. Nobody likes a suck-up, and people do tend to form stronger connections when they are based on honesty. Besides, this will prove to them that you really did read or view what they posted. Commenting on their content is a good way to get questions going back and forth, which can turn into real conversations.

 Work At It

Don’t drop your end of the conversation. Don’t let too much time pass without responding. Particularly don’t do this if you have recently asked the other person for a favor; they’ll just end up feeling manipulated and used. Repay them when you have a chance, and stay in touch in the meantime.

 Move The Conversation To Other Formats

When the opportunity presents itself, move the conversation to another format like email or Skype. This makes your connection seem much more real, takes it to the next level. Besides, it is a lot easier to have a meaningful conversation when you aren’t limited to a low character count.

This advice is universally applicable, whether you are trying to convert a Twitter follower to a customer, get influential people to help in your campaign, or how to use fan and follower resources to help you get a job. Nurturing follower relationships is an important part of building valuable connections over social media, as long as you go about it intelligently. It doesn’t take any special skills or training. Anyone can do it, as long as they are willing to be patient.

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