The Death of Email Marketing? Not Yet

Solomon Thimothy - September 21, 2012


It may seem that with the ever changing technological society we live in that email as forms of communication and marketing, is declining and will eventually will be no more. While social media, text messaging and other forms of communication are constantly on the rise, according to a recent study done by StrongMail & Forrester Consulting email is still preferred by many smartphone users. Marketers have long since been using email marketing as a way to reach customers and potential customers, and many still do. This recent study unveiled a lot about how consumers really feel about email messaging, and why email won’t be going away anytime soon.

The study yielded the following results:

  • Currently 50% of smartphone users in the United States favor email over other types of mobile messaging such as text messaging, or in-app promotions.
  • 65% of consumers are fine with receiving promotions via email at least once a week.
  • 63% would prefer not to receive offers or promotions via text messaging or other types of mobile messaging.
  • 32% of smartphone are more likely to make a purchase after opening a promotional email
  • 9% of consumers are less likely to make a purchase after opening an SMS promotion.
  • 6% of consumers are less likely to make a purchase after opening an in-app promotion.

This study is great news for marketers. Email marketing tactics still work, and they are still preferred over text messaging and others. Email marketing can prove to be highly effective for mobile marketing success. If marketers want to take full advantage of mobile marketing through emails it is imperative that their Β emails and websites are optimized for mobile devices. Email marketing is still a tool in the marketing toolbox which means that there are still profits to me made, make sure your company is taking advantage of them.

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