5 LinkedIn Marketing Tools for Business

Solomon Thimothy - September 7, 2012

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has continued to grow and become more popular among working professionals and even more so businesses. LinkedIn has several marketing tools that businesses can use to market their brand, these tools are especially valuable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Partner Messages: This is a great tool for small businesses. They can use LinkedIn’s InMail messaging system to deliver relevant messages to specific audiences.

Display Ads: Many businesses are not aware that you can advertise on LinkedIn but you can. The LinkedIn display ads service allows businesses to target specific groups of people or businesses.

Recommendation Ads: See how many recommendations your business is getting. This tool is great for seeing how many recommendations your products or services are getting on the LinkedIn platform.

Polls: It is valuable to use polls in order to assist your potential customers with answers to their business and market research questions. There are a few ways to share a poll on LinkedIn; through Facebook and/or Twitter integrations, or by embedding the voting module on your business’s website and/or blog.

Targeted status updates: Last but not least this tool helps increase the relevance of conversations and engagement between companies and members. This feature works especially well for entrepreneurs because it allows them to tailor messages to professionals who follow their LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a valuable resource that is considered Β the best for engagement among professionals. These marketing tools on LinkedIn (and there are others) are an asset to your marketing campaign if your company utilizes them.

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