The Importance of Mobile Marketing

Solomon Thimothy - August 20, 2012

Mobile marketing is increasingly the direction many businesses are taking. With the increasing number of users with smartphones and other mobile devices, businesses are using mobile marketing to reach these customers.

Engaging your audience is critical if you want to be successful. Your relationship with them ideally needs to be more of an emotional one rather than transactional in order for it to be long term, and what better way to engage with your audience then to meet them where they are, to reach them at their fingertips.

If your business has not already started a mobile marketing strategy, now is the time. There are 40 million Americans using their mobile devices to search the web; and that number is growing fast.  According to the Google Mobile Optimization Webinar By 2013, more people will use mobile phones than PCS to get online”, and that is just in the United States,  in many developing nations like India most users’ primary method of connecting to the Internet is via mobile devices.

The number one search engine Google understand the importance of mobile marketing and they have even created lists called mserps just to cater to the growing trend. They have also built mobile elements into their Google Analytics tools.

If you’re ready to start a mobile marketing strategy it will take work,  the good news is that creating a mobile marketing strategy doesn’t mean starting from scratch. It can be easily integrated into your current internet-based marketing initiatives. The first and foremost thing that needs to be done is to optimize your site for mobile spiders in order to get your mobile site crawled for mobile search.

Currently mobile algorithms for search engines are still in the beginning stages, and are nowhere near as sophisticated as traditional SEO spiders. One of the most important things that mobile spiders are looking for is the bounce rate of your page; so the quicker your page(s) load on a mobile device the more likely you will be ranked higher.

Getting in on this trend while the spiders are still being developed will give you a competitive edge over others in your industry who are waiting for mobile SEO to get better.

Mobile marketing is important, it is critical that marketers and professionals in every industry latch on to this growing trend in order to grow business. It is important to act quickly to incorporate mobile marketing into your overall marketing strategy.

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