Using Press Releases to Enhance Your SEO

Solomon Thimothy - July 6, 2012

Putting out regular press releases can greatly help your company achieve SEO success. Most press releases are released online now, and with each one your business puts out it will provide backlinks and help improve how your website fares in the search engines. Follow these tips to make your press releases SEO-friendly.

Don’t be afraid to brag
Some companies hesitate to write press releases because they do not think their company has anything “news worthy” to report. Not true! Whenever you hire a new upper-level executive or an employee celebrates an anniversary of twenty years that is news. Any time your business receives an award or accolade that is also news. Participating in community events and holding employee fundraisers or volunteer outings are also news worthy.

Write for Google and people
As we’ve learned, Google changes their algorithms over time so there are no hard and fast SEO rules that will last forever. The old rules have expired—you no longer want to continually repeat keywords or phrases, Google will actually punish for that. Does not use jargon either; the article should be in plain language for the most part so it is understood by most people. Make sure your press release is interesting and valuable, if you do people who find it will read it, have a positive impression of your brand, and possibly feel compelled to share it.

Create a catchy and descriptive headline
The headline is the first part of your press release people will see. It should be short and to the point while drawing people in and clearly describing what the press release is about. Use your keyword you’re trying to rank for within the headline. A keyword tool (such as Google’s free keyword tool) can help you determine which keyword phrase is most lucrative to use.

Make necessary information easily accessible
Start the press release off strong by telling readers exactly what is being announced and who is doing the announcing. They shouldn’t have to read a paragraph or two in order to figure out what the release is about or the name of your company. Tie your information to recent research studies, current events in the news, or anything else that is on people’s minds and makes your information more relevant. Write in a professional yet simple manner that is easy to read and doesn’t come off as an advertisement. Add contact information so interested parties may reach you if they’d like.

Add in links back to your site
Provide useful information in the press release, but do not share absolutely everything. Hook the readers in and then provide a link back to your site for the full story. Use keyword anchor text for the SEO value. Be careful not to go overboard, however. Every sentence should not have a link within it and every link should not be attached to the same exact text. You don’t want to inadvertently hurt your SEO.

Share, share, and share some more
Once your press release is out, share that link everywhere possible. Push it out to your subscribers in your next email newsletter. Post it on Facebook and twitter. The more you share it, the more people will see it. The more people will see it, the more likely they will share it. Search engines take note of all this, and the more an item is shared, the more SEO weight its links will carry.

Hopefully these press release tips will help your company think outside of the box when it comes to SEO. As search engine algorithms evolve, methods for ranking high in search engines must evolve as well. Writing regular, worthwhile press releases is one SEO strategy you don’t want to ignore.

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