Building a Community Around Your Brand

Solomon Thimothy - March 27, 2012

building an online communityWhile a few years ago companies only needed to worry about their own website, the growing number of social media platforms is now making it harder for companies and business owners to keep up their presence on the Internet. From restaurant reviews to Facebook likes, building a positive community and reputation around your brand is necessary to build your authority online.

So how do you go about building a community around your brand? Here are a few musts for building an online community around your brand.

Create a Corporate Blog
A corporate blog is the perfect way to share your knowledge and build your reputation as an industry leader in your field. By providing insightful information, you build trust and authority in your own brand, making your customers feel better about doing business with you.

Participate in Industry Forums
Online forums exist for just about every industry. Select a handful of reputable industry forums and become an active member. By offering your knowledge in the form of tips or answering questions from forum members, you build a positive view about your brand.

Join Professional Groups
A variety of social platforms such as LinkedIn offer you the opportunity to create groups or join groups interested in your particular industry or products and services. Joining such groups is easy and gives you recognition among other professionals in your own field.

Grow Your Connections
Facebook and Twitter both provide the opportunity for continuous sharing and re-sharing of press releases, important information and updates in your industry. A post from your blog or a press release may lead to a long chain of retweets or likes.

Creating a community around a brand requires time and commitment. Today’s large companies are becoming very good at building a brand following all over the wide web and are reaping the benefits of increased visibility and a better brand image. Regardless of the size of your business or industry, it’s important to start thinking and working towards building an online community to bolster brand exposure and strength.

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