Tips for Designing a Mobile Website

Solomon Thimothy - March 26, 2012

Mobile Website DesignYear by year, the number of smartphone users increases dramatically. Thanks to devices like Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android, Internet access on the go is becoming more sophisticated and user friendly. According to a recent ComScore report, smartphone users account for nearly 42% of all mobile users.

As a business owner, understanding this trend and developing a mobile strategy is crucial for staying relevant and ahead of competitors. The first step, of course, is creating a mobile version of your website. When designing your mobile website, make sure you keep these tips in mind.

Keep Your Design Simple
Given the reduced screen space, it’s important to keep your mobile website simple. Typically, your mobile website should focus on the features most frequently used by your regular website. Eliminate unnecessary graphics, flash or other unnecessary features. While you still want your mobile site to resemble your regular website, stick with the essentials for a better user experience.

Provide Quick Access to Contact Information
Unlike website visitors who may be doing initial research at home, mobile users are generally ready to make a purchase. Make it easy for them to find your location and phone number so that they can readily contact you.

Rethink Buttons and Navigation
When planning your navigation bar, separate your content into small sections for easier access. Also, make sure it’s easy to click on buttons. Since fingers are not as apt as a mouse, make buttons a bit larger to avoid clicking on more than one at the same time. Highlighting buttons in use also creates a better user experience.

Reduce Scrolling and Text Entries
No one likes to scroll up and across pages on a website. Doing it on a mobile device is even worse. Reduce or eliminate all scrolling if possible. When it comes to entering text, keep it very short and simple. If possible, opt for radial buttons over text fields.

Avoid Pop-up Windows
Pop-up windows on a mobile device are irritating. Having to zoom in and out is no easy feat on a mobile device. This generally results in visitors closing out their browsers all together. Avoid using pop-up windows for happier visitors.

Offer Option for Accessing Full Website
Always give your mobile users the option to access your full website. Since not all features can be included on your mobile device, or users may be more familiar with your full website, give them the option to access your standard website directly from your mobile website.

Today’s mobile users are more sophisticated and demanding. A well-designed mobile website can help you stay in touch with consumers on the go and even land extra sales from impulse buys. Stay ahead and keep them interested in your business by being accessible through their mobile devices.

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