Is Your Website Turning Away Potential Clients?

Solomon Thimothy - February 20, 2012

Your website is a critical part of your online image and reputation.  It’s the first impression many potential clients have of your business.  A bad impression may turn them away for good.  A quality website requires many different components to work harmoniously.  From design to content, your website should send a clear message about your services and products while creating a unique and enjoyable user experience.

It doesn’t take a professional designer or a marketing guru to spot problems with your website.  Want to know if your website is turning away potential clients?  Ask yourself these questions and see how well your website fares.

Is the loading time too long?

Generally, the faster your website loads the better.  If your website doesn’t load up within a few seconds, there’s a problem.  A website that takes minutes to load will automatically turn away visitors.  The usual culprit is bad code.  Check your website for clean and simple code.

Are there obvious design issues?

In today’s world of do-it-yourself everything, many business owners opt for designing their own websites using a template-based system or an out-of-the-box website with little room for customization.  While this may work in the short-term, you never want your website to look like everybody else’s.  If there are obvious design issues such as badly sized images or non-working functions, it may lead visitors to lose trust in your business and leave your website.

Is the navigation confusing?

If navigating through your website feels more like a treasure hunt than an intuitive process, your navigation and organization is confusing.  Your navigation bar should be instinctual enough that it’s easy to figure out where things are located within your website.

Are you missing content?

While no one wants to land on a website that is simply text, it’s important to have a good balance between content and design.  The quantity of content your website requires depends on your particular industry.  Even e-commerce websites should have adequate content that clearly explains the features of each individual product.

Is your content outdated?

Just like a baker doesn’t want to put out his week-old pastries in the front-window, your website should always feature updated content.  Make sure that you update your website regularly to keep visitors coming back.

Are links broken or functions broken?

No one likes to click on a link or button only to find themselves on an error page or a message that says that the page does not exist.  Make sure that all your links and web functions are running smoothly to avoid frustrating your visitors.

Is your contact information missing?

The Internet is a big place.  Anyone can create a website.  How are web visitors to discern between a reputable, trustworthy website and a scam website?  Make sure your contact information is easy to find.  If possible, have multiple ways to contact you.

Are you missing required security measures?

If you run an e-commerce website, it’s important that buyers feel that their transaction will be secure.  Make sure your website complies with all security measures (such as SSL certificates) and prominently display them on your checkout page.

If your website suffers from any of these typical problems, get a professional to help you with a redesign or some updates.  Doing so will help to keep your website fresh, professional and inviting so you don’t lose out on potential clients.

With over a decade in experience in web design, OneIMS can help you create a business website that is functional, visually appealing and engaging.  For more information on our web design services or for a free consultation contact us at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1.

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