How Blogging Increase Web Traffic

Solomon Thimothy - December 22, 2011

To the average person, blogging may seems like a waste of time. For business owners, understanding that a company needs a blog is even harder. A few reasons why corporate blogs fall by the wayside include lack of time to dedicate to writing frequent content, general inability to come up with topics and thinking that no one cares (or reads) what you write.

Contrary to this belief, blogging is becoming an important tool in increasing a business’ reach online. Still not convinced? If you have already have a website, the key to success is higher traffic. An easy way to increase traffic?  Blogging! Below are a few reasons why blogging works.

Exponentially Increases Your Number of Indexes Pages

Google and other search engines consider the number of indexed pages on each website as part of their ranking system. Since each blog post is considered a page, the more blog posts you have, the more pages that can be indexed. The more pages indexed, the higher your overall ranking on search engines result pages. The higher your ranking, the more traffic you site will get.

It’s Easier to Grow Your Website

As mentioned before, each blog post is considered a unique page by search engines. This makes it easy to grow your website.  Unlike a static website, a blog can help you add pages to your website easily and fast. The more content your website has, the better your chances at attracting more traffic.

Blogs are Keyword Rich

Since you can create blogs that revolve around keywords, blogs have a great potential for increasing your search engine ranking.  Having control over the content on your website and maximizing your use of keywords is an ideal way to get better SEO rankings.  The more keywords you rank for, the higher your traffic will be.

Opportunities for Link Building

A blog is an easy way to have other links to your website. It’s also a unique way to take advantage social media and other content networks. Whether it’s Tweeting about your latest blog post or sending automatic RSS feeds to your subscribers, blogging can create interest in your website that will lead to more visitors.

Repeat Traffic

Perhaps the single most useful reason to have a blog is to keep your visitors coming for more. Adding new, fresh content to your blog keeps your readers, potential customers and current customers interested in your company, leading to potential referrals and more future business.

Although creating a corporate blog may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, blogging has a variety of benefits that no business owner should pass up on. Simply put, blogging increases your chances at more traffic and more leads. More leads mean more potential customers and more money.  If you’re not yet blogging, start immediately!

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