Does Your Website Pass these 6 Tests?

Solomon Thimothy - September 13, 2011

Just like cars, there are a variety of tests you can run to evaluate your site’s performance.  Although they may seem simple, they can provide a lot of useful information that may help you discover and fix problems with your website.

Here are five crucial performance tests your website should pass.

1. Loading Speed Test
High-speed internet connections and overall demand for faster connections make a fast loading speed a must.  If your website takes too long to load, visitors may abandon your site all together.  Don’t know your website’s loading time?  There are a variety of free web tools, such as, you can use to find out if your website is loading too slowly.

2. First Glance Test
Just like first impressions, first glances are important.  To see how well your website does, pull up your website and ask yourself – where do your eyes go first?  The next step is deciding if this area is what you want your visitors to focus on.

3. Fold Test
When it comes to the placement of content on your website, your most important information should be above the fold.   Items such as your call to action, offers and forms should be above the fold and should not require visitors to scroll down to find them.

4.  Call to Action Test
A clear call to action is key to getting visitors to do exactly what you want them to do.  Whether it’s filling out a form, downloading a report, or signing up for your newsletter, your visitors should have a clear idea of what they need to do to access your unique value proposition.  If you were to land on your website, would you know what you should be doing?  If it’s not clear, revamp your call to action.

5. Big Picture Test
This can be perhaps the most complicated test to perform.  This test involves understanding what your website is about.  When a visitor lands on your website, you have limited time to get and maintain their attention.  When they arrive at your homepage, can you clearly tell what your site is about?  If it takes a bit of researching and reading, it’s probably not very clear and you should re-evaluate the content and images you are using to convey your message.

6. Test for Distractions
This test allows you to pinpoint elements of your website that may distract visitors while on your website.  To test for distractions, go through each of your website pages and check for crazy fonts, irrelevant images, annoying animations, and anything else that may act as a distraction to your visitors.

Creating a perfect website is no easy task.  Just as an architect has to do fine-tuning and must work with an interior designer to find a cohesive and harmonious feeling to a home, your website has both architectural and design needs that must be met if your want your visitors to feel welcomed.

Use these simple tests to see how well your website performs.  Need help improving your website?  Contact our experienced team of web designers at OneIMS and they’ll help you find the right content, design and architecture for a successful website.

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