Why Your Direct Mail Campaign Failed

Samuel Thimothy - September 2, 2011

Direct mail campaigns are one of the oldest methods of marketing. However, old doesn’t equal ineffective. The way we market our businesses has changed radically in the past five years. If you recently sent out a direct mail campaign and had little success, it’s probably because you are still using old tactics.

Create a successful direct mail campaign by following some of these tips. They are sure to increase response rates!

Customize and Personalize
We all receive dozens of pieces of mail in our mailboxes each and everyday. How does your direct mail piece stand out from everything else? To avoid a direct trip to the recycling bin, make your direct mail piece stand out with custom graphics and personalized messages.  Variable Data Printing (VDP) technology, allows you to easily customize your direct mail pieces to make a bigger impact on your recipient. Select custom images, a custom message or even add their name to your piece for a personalized look that they can’t resist!

Track As Many Ways as Possible
The traditional way of tracking direct mail campaigns was simply waiting for someone to walk through your door or for the phone to ring.  Even then, you had to trust that your employees would remember to ask these customers what brought them in. Today, you can take advantage of better tracking systems such as special tracking phone numbers, special offer codes or personalized URLs (PURLs). These allow you to see exactly who is receiving and responding to your direct mail piece. Capturing this data is a great way to learn about your target audience and their needs.

Don’t Stop at One
A common mistake businesses do is to do one stand-alone direct mail piece. If it’s your first campaign, it’s especially important to follow up with a second piece. Whether it’s a last chance reminder or a bonus offer for customers who came in due to your first piece, it’s important to keep the momentum going. To increase the effectiveness of your direct mail piece, don’t just give up after your initial mailing.

Don’t Reuse A big mistake made by many business owners is the idea that you can recycle your direct mail campaigns. Sure it will save you some cash but if the first round was not effective, why do a second round? Also, remember that your customers are looking at what you are sending out. If you continuously send out the same piece, they will lose interest and won’t even bother to look at your offer. Keep your offers fresh with a design tweak or a special promotion.

Combine Direct Mail Campaigns with other Mediums
A powerful way to increase the success of your direct mail piece is to use a multi-channel approach. This means that you can reinforce your offer or promotion using different channels for a greater impact. Have a special offer going on in your store? Create a print ad in your local newspaper or add it to your website for greater conversions.

Direct mail campaigns continue to be a powerful way to extend your reach and encourage repeat business. To be successful, a direct mail campaign must be well thought-out. A well-designed campaign will give you results beyond the traditional results.

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