How Google Analytics can Revolutionize your Small Business

Solomon Thimothy - August 12, 2011

Most business owners assume that their work is done when their marketing campaign is out the door. Wrong! Successful businesses know that unleashing marketing campaigns are only one step in the process to increasing web traffic and sales.

The next step is analyzing how your campaign is doing against your expected outcome. Keeping constant track of your marketing campaigns helps you to refine and maintain high output for lead generation.

So how does Google Analytics fit in? Google Analytics is a free online tool designed to help you keep track of the traffic that comes in, and out, of your website. You simply have your web designer add the code onto your website and Google takes care of the rest!

Google Analytics helps to track:

• Pages visitors come from

• How long visitors spent on each web page

• Track the movement of visitors throughout your website

• Improve SEO by seeing what search words lead people to your website

• ROI on any Adwords accounts

• Mobile apps, websites and devices

• And many more

Web analytics are absolutely invaluable for analyzing the success of your marketing ventures. The easiest and by far cheapest way to gather the information necessary for these evaluations is Google Analytics. For more information on the features of Google Analytics you may visit their website.

Once you’ve begun evaluating your marketing campaigns there’s still more to do! For a dedicated team to assist in the small tweaks you’ll be making to your marketing ventures and web pages call OneIMS today at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1.

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