10 Tips to Evaluate your Website Today

Solomon Thimothy - July 13, 2011

Evaluating your website with a critical eye is one of the best things a small business owner can do. Your website is one of the most powerful assets you have so it’s important to make sure it’s working with you instead of against you.

Take the time to look over your website, or better yet have an unbiased friend do so, and ask yourself these 10 questions. An honest answer will help evaluate your website and put you on the track to making it even better.

1. What do you see first? – The first impression is the most critical. Are you properly engaging and drawing in your website’s visitors? Can you immediately tell what the website is for?

2. Where is your Unique Selling Proposition? – The one sentence or less that spells out why viewers want to do business with you. It should be clearly visible without any scrolling, just like your webform.

3. Are the benefits plainly listed? – Encourage people to buy from you by telling them the benefits of your product and making them easy to find.

4. Do you have a clear call to action? – When your prospects like what they see are you giving one clear call to action to move them along quickly?

5. Is your website ‘viewer friendly’? – Is your website too busy? Do the colors and images work together or do they create a jarring experience? Make the font easy to read and break up large blocks of text.

6. Does everything link correctly? – Test, test and test again for proper redirects. Make sure every link makes it obvious where it’s going.

7. Are you making it a personal experience? – People like to be engaged and feel a connection with you. Make it easy by writing conversationally and having multimedia content to spread your message and appeal to them.

8. Are you building trust? – People like to attach faces to names. Is it easy to contact you or to find out more about the owner, employees or the company?

9. Is your incentive content worthy of giving contact information? – It sounds silly but are you offering great advice, tips or offers that will help your customer now in exchange for their information?

10. Are you using Social Media? – Social media makes it easy to communicate with your prospects and even if they don’t fill out your webform they may choose to follow your Twitter or Blog.

Looking over your answers will help reveal what needs to be done to streamline and improve your website. From there you can begin steadily fixing them one at a time to better promote yourself online.

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