Why You Need Marketing Collateral

Solomon Thimothy - June 27, 2011

If your business is booming you are in good luck. Most businesses, large or small, are still feeling the effects of the sluggish economy. Stagnant and falling revenues have caused many businesses to slash costs – even at the expense of growing their business. Marketing is always an easy target when it comes to slashing costs. While reducing costs all around is not a bad idea, eliminating useful marketing practices can be detrimental. Marketing collateral usually gets cut when businesses try to reduce operating costs. No one says you need a brochure, a fancy business card or that snazzy mug with your company logo to make your business run.

While in essence this is true, every business still needs marketing collateral. Here are a few reasons why you should consider keeping (or getting) marketing collateral a priority.

It’s all About Image

When it comes to establishing yourself as a company, marketing collateral is key. It is that professionally designed and printed company brochure that lets people know that you are professional company they can trust. Lack of marketing collateral makes people skeptical.

A Second Chance

Perhaps the most important role of marketing collateral is that it gives your business a second chance. By having marketing collateral to leave behind, you are giving your business a second chance at success. Statistics also show that people are more likely to hold onto a professional brochure than to an ad or flyer. Even if our brochure ends up in a drawer for weeks, there’s still that possibility that it will surge from underneath papers when needed. Your contact information will be there waiting.

Easy Referrals

Any business can grow with the help of referrals. Marketing collateral, such as brochures and even promotional products, are a great way to promote referrals. This is your marketing collateral working at its best. Even something as small as your business card can end up in new hands, giving you a new opportunity for business.

Promote Your Business

Promotional products are a great way to promote your business. A mug with your corporate logo, a lawn chair or even a pen can keep your company in the minds of past and potential clients. Everyone loves free gifts. A promotional product is a great way to make potential and current clients happy while strengthening your brand.

Growing your business is key to increasing sales and your company as a whole. Marketing collateral can help you establish, promote and strengthen your company in a way more powerful than a website or email can. Having something tangible to represent your business is the real difference.

For help on creating professional marketing collateral that accurately and powerful represents your company, contact our print specialists at 1-888-ONE-IMS-1.

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