Creating a Powerful Brand Image

Solomon Thimothy - June 22, 2011

Your brand is more than a cute logo or a catchy tagline. Your brand is the foundation of your business. As such, your brand should directly reflect your business philosophy and accurately address your target market and mission.

Creating a brand image that will stay in the minds of customers is not easy to achieve, however, it is essential that you do your best when defining your branding. Think of your brand as an ambassador for your company. As an ambassador, your brand should be the best representative of your entire business model. When creating your brand, make sure you take all the points below into consideration.


Target Audience

Your target audience plays a huge role in defining your brand image. After all, you want your target audience to have a connection with your brand. This means that you need to think hard about who your target audience. Your grandma and a teenager probably see things a bit differently. Defining and understanding the needs of your target customer is key to selecting color schemes, tag lines and images used for your branding.


Business Philosophy

A key factor in creating a successful business model is defining your business philosophy and setting yourself apart from every one of your competitors. Your business philosophy should be powerfully expressed and drive much of your business. If you’re a company committed to using green products or doing things in a specific way, it should come across your branding through the words and images you use.


Your Industry

This may seem obvious but is sometimes missed by busy entrepreneurs too involved in getting their business up and running. Your branding should be representative of your industry. Basically speaking, if someone were to look at your brand image – would they know what type of business you have?  While your branding should reflect you, it also has to make sense. A tattoo-like logo for your consulting firm is probably not the most appropriate. Do some research and compare the branding of your competitors. Pick those elements you like most and start from there.


Selecting a brand image to define your business is a difficult task. However, doing it well the first time around will save you time and money. As a foundation and face of your business, your branding will dictate many other decisions you’ll have to make, such as what color chairs you’ll have or what your storefront will look like.


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