6 Key Components to Optimizing Your Landing Page

Solomon Thimothy - June 20, 2011

Landing page optimization is a vital part of conversion rate optimization, a process by which you increase visitor traffic to your website.

Attracting prospects to your landing page is hard enough. Holding their attention once there is even more crucial. The highest percentage of abandonment happens in the first ten seconds. Peak your visitor’s interest by optimizing your landing page. Below are six key components to optimizing your landing page for higher conversion rates.

1.  Headline – 80% of your opportunity for increasing your conversion rate lies here. Make sure your headline clearly states what your customers will get from your landing page.

2.  Offer – Your call-to-action should be prominent, compelling and enticing.  You must clearly ask visitors to purchase, sign up, or opt-in.

3.  Lead – Your ‘lead’ or first paragraph must be written in a way that visitors can easily understand the benefits from your particular product or service.  This will get their attention and entice them to keep on reading.

4.  Benefits – List your benefits in “value hierarchy” so your customers know right away what the biggest gains are from purchasing your product or service.

5.  Images – Always use images that clearly show the biggest benefit of your product/service. These have proven to work better than generic ‘feel good’ images. Make sure to include a powerful caption beneath all your images as viewers look at these almost as much as they look at your headline.

6.  Look & Feel – Make sure your website looks clean, professional and most importantly, trustworthy. The number one reason people turn away from a web site is because it looks unprofessional or lacks credibility.

Highly optimized landing pages can lead to high conversion rates.  When used in conjunction with paid search advertising such as PPC, landing pages are crucial in achieving your business goals.  Follow the tips above and enjoy the benefits of well-designed landing pages.

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