9 Simple Website Fixes You Need NOW

Solomon Thimothy - June 16, 2011

Your website is an essential marketing tool. Your business depends largely on its success, especially if you are running an eCommerce website. Making sure your website is an effective marketing and sales tool is essential to increasing your bottom line.

If you’re just getting ready to launch your website or have had a website for some years now, it’s always a good idea to double check that you aren’t making obvious mistakes. Here are 9 common website mistakes that can be easily fixed.

1) Unprofessional Look and Feel

For many, your website is the first impression of your business. An unprofessional website that you put up yourself overnight will give your visitors the impression that your business is probably being run out of your basement at home or worse – that your website is a sham. Avoid this by having your website professionally designed. Web designers are experts in this field and will make sure that your website looks as legitimate and trust-worthy as your business.

2) Lack of Content

Search engines rank websites based on the quality of their content. Having no content on your website will get you nowhere on the search engine results page (SERP). Your website should have quality content relevant to your industry and your business. The more relevant your content, the happier visitors will be when they arrive at your website. If you aren’t sure about the quality of your content, you can hire a professional search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter to ensure that your content effectively reflects your business and gets high markings by search engines.

3) Irrelevant, Outdated or Misspelled Content

The content on your website says a lot about you. Outdated content, obvious grammar mistakes and misspelled content can easily damage your image. Even though these are just small details, visitors will be put off by your carelessness. Make sure you keep your website updated and hire a professional copywriter if you feel your content could use a hand.

4) No Clear Call to Action

No one likes being lost. Make it easy for your visitors to do exactly what it is that you want them to do. If it’s signing up for your newsletter, requesting a quote or making a purchase, make sure it is bright and clear. Web users have short attention spans so don’t keep them guessing.

5) Hard to Find Phone Number

Sounds obvious right? Even though it sounds simple enough, many companies miss this small detail. Yes, you can certainly bury your phone number in the footer at the bottom of your homepage, but why make it hard for people to get to you? Your visitors should have easy access to this information. Behavioral studies show that web users prefer phone numbers to be on the top right hand corner of websites. If your phone number is not an important element on your website, make it a priority to add visibility to your phone number.

6) No Contact Form

A contact form is necessary for all types of businesses. Say you are a restaurant. You don’t really offer any type of newsletter or information. Sounds like no reason to have one of those fancy contact forms, right? Yes, it sounds like extra work for nothing; however, you still need a way for web visitors to contact you. They may be inquiring about a special reservation, a catering opportunity or even giving you praise for your incredible food. A contact form is a must. No ifs ands or buts.

7) No E-Mail Subscription

Even if you don’t have an advanced e-mail marketing strategy, it’s a good idea to get contact information of your web visitors for later use. This allows you to send unique messages like a special sale, promotions, coupons or the latest information about new products or offerings.

8 ) Browser Incompatibility

Many website owners fail to check that their website renders favorably in different web browsers. It’s imperative that your website shows up properly in all web browsers. A website that does not load, is completely shifted or misplaced content is a sign that you haven’t corrected for browser compatibility. Make sure that your website renders correctly on all web browsers. If you are having your website designed by professionals, this should come as part of the deal.

9) Links to Social Media

Yes, you need to jump on the social wagon – today!  Even if you aren’t sure that you’ll be keeping up with all the social media hoopla, you should create corporate accounts and add a business profile for your company. Then add links to social media networks via your homepage. It’ll show that you are up-to-date and ready to connect with your visitors.

Creating a perfect website is not easy. A website is composed of many different elements that all have to work together to create a unique visitor experience in order to be effective.  By making sure you don’t miss the easy things, you are already paving a path towards success.

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