7 Summer Marketing Tips for Business

Samuel Thimothy - May 9, 2011

summer marketingLet’s face it, with summer right around the corner business can get a little slow with everyone headed to the beach instead of spending time in your store. Regardless, that’s no excuse for your marketing plans to take a vacation on creativity!

Here’s 7 tips to help boost sales with creative marketing.

  • Summer Themes
    Try making a theme with your product such as road trips or the beach and blend it with your brand or products. Give away baseball caps with your company logo and tickets to a local game or zoo to help promote your business.
  • Partner with Other Businesses
    Get together with other businesses to make a promotional package. With the hard economic times people will really appreciate any deal they can find and getting the most bang for their buck gives them a great impression of your business.
  • Set up a Sidewalk Sale
    If your business is geared towards products and has a storefront encourage passerby’s to stop and take a look at your products by bringing it outside to catch attention. You can use these sales to move excesses inventory at discount prices and leave an employee or two outside to answer questions, handle sales, and encourage people to browse the rest of your stock.
  • Use Holidays
    The summer months don’t have just Memorial Day or Independence Day. There are multiple bizarre holidays to build themes and promotions around! June 8th is Best Friends Day and July 17th is National Ice Cream Day. Use these to your advantage to help get your name in the community.
  • Organize a Community Service Day
    Many businesses put part of their time and money into supporting causes important to them and their customers. This summer get local residents and employees involved in a community service day. Host a blood drive or plant flowers at a local nursing home. Pick something that not only gives back to your community but also attracts potential customers who fit your target market.
  • Alter your Advertisements
    Many marketing ideas for summer ads involve dramatically changing the look of an advertisement. Make your ads bright and colorful to bring out the ideas of summer. Make sure the message revolves around summer activities most people enjoy.
  • Start a Loyalty Program
    Loyalty programs are great incentives to encourage customers to come back to your business. Use punch tickets that give customers a discount or prize after so many visits. If you offer a service start up a referral program that gives your existing customer a gift card and the new customer cash back for signing up.

Even in the slow months there’s no reason to stop moving forward with your business. Utilize the time to its fullest by using creative marketing and planning ahead for your company. You can also use the momentary down time to go back over your business plans and assess marketing plans for the future. For more business ideas during the summer months check out the tips on our previous post.

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