Dealing with the Dreaded E-newsletter Unsubscribe

Solomon Thimothy - April 25, 2011

email marketingYour monthly e-newsletter and promotional e-mails are a practical way to stay in touch with your customers. Additionally, they provide great incentives for your customers to revisit your website or make a new purchase. Nonetheless, unsubscribe requests are inevitable.

While you can’t block your customers and followers from unsubscribing to your newsletters or promotional offers, there are ways to prevent losing them altogether. And having an avenue to contact them – albeit minimal – is better than losing them completely. Here are a few tips to help you avoid and deal with the dreaded unsubscribe requests.

Make it Worthwhile
Whether your e-mail is promotional or informational in nature, it has to be worthwhile for the recipient. That means a compelling offer or valuable information. If not, don’t be surprised if your subscriber list goes down faster than it increases.

Don’t Abuse It
E-mail marketing is cost-effective, quick and provides instant tracking. While these reasons make e-mail marketing so appealing to business owners, it is also the reason why so many abuse it. Rather than bombarding your subscribers with e-mails, make sure you are sending useful e-mails on a consistent basis. This will hold your recipients’ interest rather than annoy them.

Provide Options
There is no guarantee that your customers will want to receive communication from you forever. However, when the dreaded unsubscribe request comes, make sure you provide several unsubscribe options. If you send various e-emails, say a daily update, a weekly offer, and a monthly newsletter, provide an option to unsubscribe from these separately. Rather than simply doing a general unsubscribe, ask your recipients what they would like to unsubscribe from. Chances are they’ll still want to receive communications from you, just less often.

Offer Different Ways to Connect
When unsubscribing is the only option, offer different ways to connect with your recipients. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, give your subscribers the option to follow you on these networks. While this is not as effective or personalized as e-mail marketing, it’s still a viable way to reach out to them.

E-mail marketing is an extremely effective way of building and nurturing customer relationships. When used correctly, e-mail marketing can lead to customer loyalty, repeat purchases and a growing base of customers.

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