5 Ways to Optimize Your Direct Mail Marketing

Samuel Thimothy - April 18, 2011

Direct Mail Marketing has been a marketing cornerstone since the first concepts of a postal service. Before the Internet’s capability to feed information to anywhere in the world, marketing catalogs and other forms of direct mail marketing were often how people in rural areas purchased what they needed to survive.

Just because the Internet is the hot new thing in today’s commerce arena doesn’t mean that the old guard is ineffective or outdated. Keeping this in mind, here are 5 ways marketers can pump some vitality into their current direct mail marketing strategies.

1. Make sure your message is clear
As with all effective forms of marketing, your message has to be crystal clear to not only yourself, but the everyday person. Mistakes in communication may be much more forgivable in person-to-person encounters, but in direct mail marketing it can be the difference between your marketing landing itself on the top of the bills, or the top of the recycling. If you’re not sure whether or not your message is clear, try and imagine it through the eyes of a 12 year old. If they can understand it, so will their parents.

2. Make sure your target is clear
Mailing lists are a great way to ensure that your marketing will not wind up going to electricians when you’re looking for housewives. Mailing Lists do not give you any information on who exactly your marketing to however. As with any good marketing strategy, proper research into the mainstream of your marketing target is essential, but investigation into the fringe and alternative groups can be equally as profitable. A housewife may not want a pair of elastic rubber gloves – already having a pair of her own – but an electrician might need a pair to act as an insulator.

3. Use quality art and design
Regardless of how awesome your product might be, if it fails to catch the attention of a consumer, it has failed to do its purpose. Art and Design are just as critical as the message itself. In those brief few seconds when flipping through the mail to look for important objects like bills, an eye-catching and easily understandable postcard will generally be granted a second glance before being thrown out with the rest of the junk mail. That second chance may be all it takes to convert that prospect into a customer.

4. Include appropriate tracking measures
This is a very important step in Direct Mail Marketing. What good is sending out thousands of fliers, postcards, ads, and mail-bits if you have no way of tracking your return? A simple and easy way to do this is by providing promotional codes – easily added through virtually all print agencies – for your product that can be entered on a website or conveyed over phone-orders. This also helps you prepare for future campaigns by breaking up the numbers. If 100 gloves were sold to housewives and electricians combined, knowing which group bought how much might prove critical to future marketing campaigns.

5. Put some effort into it
To you, your businesses marketing may be one of the single most important things on your mind for several months, but the stark reality of things is that an average consumer might not even spend a few seconds thinking about it. Your marketing is by default, junk mail. This often encourages businesses to not put a lot of time and energy into direct mail marketing campaigns. By spending a little more to do the job right, your chances of getting that second glance and elevating your marketing’s status from junk-mail to marketing become significantly higher.

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