5 Tips for an Effective and Engaging Corporate Website

Solomon Thimothy - April 15, 2011

WebsiteYour website is a very important part of your marketing plan and as such, should be created and designed with users in mind. This will ensure a positive user experience and effectiveness in getting your message across.

If you don’t yet have a website and are just starting to create your master plan or feel that you have an ineffective website, make sure you consider these tips for a more engaging and effective website.

1. Less is More
With so many technologies and tools available, it’s possible to have your website filled with features that might cloud your message. While this may seem impressive to you, it could be very distracting to your visitors. Too many videos, images, graphics and animations can inadvertently distract your visitors  so make sure to limit widgets to those that are essential to getting your point across.

2. Be Consistent
When you create your website design, try to adhere to a consistent structure and style. Avoid using different page styles for different pages or color schemes. This will make it easier for visitors to follow and browse through your website.

3. Think Multi-Platform
Just like your digital photos look slightly different than those of your friend’s, it’s important to visualize how different types of web browsers and platforms will render your website. Beware that some of your features (such as Flash) may not work on mobile devices or that the rendering on one browser will be different than the rendering on a different browser.

4. Use Your Intuition
When creating the navigation menu for your website, think intuitively. If possible, have someone with little knowledge about your business go through your thought process and see if they can easily understand the structure and organization of your website. A confusing navigation bar is frustrating and may turn visitors away.

5. Be Interactive
If you want better chances at converting visitors into customers, offer different ways to interact with them. By implementing interactive tools such as live chat, click-to-call or downloadable resources, you are more likely to convert your visitors into customers.

As part of your marketing collateral, your corporate website should be clear, concise, and powerful. Follow these simple tips for a more effective corporate website that will lead to increased conversions and a better user experience.

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