Using PURLs to Increase Attendance at Your Next Event

Solomon Thimothy - February 21, 2011

Personalized URLsOrganizing a company event, whether on a small or large scale, is time consuming and requires significant planning and coordination. Of course, all this is done in hopes of a great turnout. Event attendance, however, cannot be measured until the event is launched, so why not increase attendance rates by combining the power of direct mail marketing and PURLs?

According to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), close to 50% of direct mail recipients prefer to respond online than by any other method. PURLs, or personalized URLs, provide direct mail recipients with a personalized web page to submit their response. Rather than having to make a phone call or returning a reply card in the mail, recipients can respond immediately with just a few clicks. Here’s how PURLs make the most of any event:

Instant Responses
Since PURLs are available 24/7, recipients can submit their responses at any time of day from just about anywhere.

Improved Respondent Interactions
The ability to customize the text, images and messages on each individual’s PURL gives companies an avenue to interact with direct mail recipients in a meaningful way. Data-driven sites can easily help capture valuable information about each respondent and provide them with just the information they need.

Efficiency and Convenience for Respondents
With the ability to automatically populate fields on a registration form or payment form, PURLs are an efficient and convenient way for direct mail recipients to obtain more information or register for your event.

Reliable Information
Using PURLs creates a sense of safety and trust. This makes respondents more likely to provide you with contact or other useful information that can be handy in future event campaigns.

Real-Time Tracking
PURLs offer superior tracking capabilities that allow event organizers to know exactly who has logged on, what step they completed, how long they spent on the site, and much more.

Future Contact
The information gathered through a PURL can be very useful in staying in touch with respondents. Whether that means sending out e-mail alerts regarding upcoming registration deadlines or e-mail announcements about future events, PURLs provide a link between direct mail and e-mail marketing, increasing contact opportunities.

Enhance the success of your next event with the use of PURLs. More than increasing response rates, PURLs provide organizations with a wealth of information that can be useful in shaping future events.

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