3 Ways To Make Your Emails Perfect For The Holidays

Samuel Thimothy - November 3, 2010

The holidays seem to start earlier every year, which means it is time to optimize your marketing campaigns for the holiday season.

With your email marketing, it is important to do more than just coupons and discounts. Try to make your emails stand out from all the other holiday emails consumers will be getting this season by following these three ideas.

  1. Themed Emails – Instead of just sending out email blasts highlighting various products, create themed emails on how a specific set of products would work with moms, dads, college students, or any other groups. This will not only highlight the usefulness of your products, but also how it fits into the lives of real people.
  2. Gift Wrapping – Not everyone is a pro when it comes to gift wrapping, and if your products come in awkward sizes or shapes, it only makes it more difficult. Think about offering a gift wrapping service for the holidays if shoppers spend a certain amount. Or post a video or blog post with some helpful gift wrapping hints. Providing these extra services can help convince a potential shopper to choose you over your competitors.
  3. Secret Santa Gifts – People often have a variety of holiday parties, gift swaps, and secret santas that they participate in every year. Provide an email campaign that highlights gifts in a specific price range or gifts that will appeal to a wide audience. Or think about highlighting your holiday gift cards to help relieve the stress of buying presents for someone who’s taste is difficult to describe.


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