Increase Open Rates and Revenue With Welcome Emails

Samuel Thimothy - October 22, 2010

A welcome email campaign is an essential part of any email marketing campaign. By simply including a triggered welcome email into your marketing campaign can increase your transaction rates nine times more than bulk mailings and increase revenue per email eight times more than bulk mailings.

Experian Marketing Services, a global marketing leader and provider of email marketing and customer intelligence technologies, analyzed the performance of welcome emails compared to mass promotions.

According to the study, welcome emails generate four times the total open rates and five times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions. Also, triggered welcome emails have higher open, click, and transaction rates than bulk reoccurring campaigns.

Also, if the welcome email includes an offer, then it doubles the transaction rate and revenue compared to triggered welcomes with no offers. Welcome emails with free shipping offers have the highest transaction rates, followed by “15 percent off” deals.

Making a clear connection a new subscriber to your email newsletters through a welcome email is just one more way to make your subscribers more engaged. When someone first engages with your company, open, click and transaction rates are at their peak. A welcome email will optimize their new interest in your company and increase your clicks and transaction.

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