QR Codes Part 3 – 9 Real Life QR Code Examples

Solomon Thimothy - October 18, 2010

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In this final post on QR codes, here are 9 real life examples of QR codes being used by a variety of companies. QR codes are becoming more common marketing tool because of its ability to combine the best features of print marketing with the best features of online marketing.

Ralph Lauren
By leveraging QR code technology back in 2008, Ralph Lauren offered consumers the opportunity to shop via their smartphones by scanning the QR code appearing in print advertisements, store windows and mailers. The QR codes linked consumers directly to Ralph Lauren’s limited edition 2008 U.S. Open Collection as well as sell Ralph Lauren Classics including Polos, Oxfords and Chinos.

Bluefly QR codeBluefly.com
During an episode of “The Real Housewives of DC,” a 45-second commercial from Bluefly aired featuring a QR code at the bottom of the screen. Users were linked to a complete closet-baring episode featuring Bethenny Frankel from “The Real Housewives of New York City,” and offered a $30 discount on a $150 purchase at bluefly.com, which sells designer and other branded clothing and accessories.

Brooks Brothers QR CodeBrooks Brothers
A Brooks Brothers campaign in a recent issue of Esquire allowed consumers to directly purchase the items they saw in the magazine. The advertorial featured multiple pieces and styles from the latest collection, including shoes and bags. After scanning the QR code, consumers were taken to the Brooks Brothers landing page featuring that specific item.

Pepsi Max
This Pepsi ad creatively combines the QR code as part of the visual display making both the advertisement and the QR code itself stand out to anyone who sees it.

Calvin Klein
This billboard was located in New York City and could be scanned from over 100 yards away. The scan takes users to a 30 second video spot of a Calvin Klein advertisement that is slightly racier than what is normally seen.

Best Buy QR Code

Best Buy
Best Buy takes advantage of QR codes in-store by provide codes next to items. When users scan the code, they are taken to product details, reviews, and ratings. The in-store poster also provides details about QR codes, how they work, and how to use them throughout the store.



Tissot, a Swiss watch brand, has multiple advertisements featuring QR codes. However, they also included QR codes in not-so-usual places, like on a bus. The full wrap around the best will naturally grab people’s attention, and the QR code is large enough to be seen and scanned without interfering with the design. With the QR code on a bus, people who may not normally see a Tissot ad were exposed to it and also can be directed to their website, a video, or other information about the watch company.

Windy City Diamonds
Windy City Diamonds placed QR codes on banners and store windows that took users to a mobile version of their website. The banner allowed their business to be seen by anyone passing by even though the construction blocked their actual storefront. Placing a QR code on the banner allowed people to browse their jewelry selection without having to spend time inside the physical store. It is perfect for anyone who is not quite ready to make a purchase, but wants to be able to browse and figure out what they want and like.

TomTom QR CodesTomTom
TomTom Navigation released an iPhone app to provide turn-by-turn navigation. With the app, they began selling iPhone car kits that allowed iPhone users to mount their iPhone, similar to mounting their navigation systems in a car. When purchasing the car kit, TomTom included a QR code on the outside of the box of their phone kit that took users to their iPhone app. Anyone purchasing the car kit for hands-free driving could easily be convinced of downloading the navigation app. Or if someone was planning on getting the navigation app, TomTom provided   a convenient way to download it

QR codes are the latest marketing tool to help companies spread information about themselves, their products, and their services. Increase the potential of your marketing collateral with the aid of QR codes for improved response rates and a better return on investment (ROI). Don’t fall behind on the latest marketing solutions available to your business.

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