3 Ways Google Instant Will Affect Your Search Marketing Strategies

Solomon Thimothy - September 20, 2010

search engine marketingWith the release of Google Instant, search marketers are going to be figuring out exactly how this affects their pay-per-click marketing strategies and search engine optimization.

  • Personalization
    If you are signed into your Google account, then search results will be personalized to your search history. This means that different users searching the same phrase may see different search results. This means that it is important when using SEO to see the opportunities available on any content that can be searched on (digital asset optimization) and presented to searchers. In the end SEO is about creating quality content, understand the words people use to seek it, and making sure the content is both search engine and human friendly.
  • Shorter Search Terms
    Senior analyst at Forrester Research Augie Ray believes that Google Instant will force marketers will create shorter searchable terms. Google Instant will require marketers to focus on very specific keywords and search terms in order to rank higher and “long-tail” phrases will get pushed back. Someone searching for an “HP Toner Cartridge for my M1522n printer,” may stop at “HP Toner” because of the results that show up.
  • Impressions
    According to Google, an impression is counted if a “user takes an action to choose a query (for example, presses the Enter key or clicks the Search button), clicks a link on the results page, or stops typing for three or more seconds.” By implementing Google Instant, your overall impressions may change, but the quality of the impression will increase because Google Instant will help them find exactly what the searcher needs.

It is still too early to see all of the effects Google Instant will have on search engine marketing. However it is important for search marketers to constantly evolve their strategies as search engine marketing continues to change.

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