5 Customer Retention Strategies For Your E-Commerce Website

Solomon Thimothy - September 17, 2010

ecommerceOnce you are able to bring someone to your e-commerce website and convince them to become a customer once, you will want to figure out how to make them come back. Keeping customers is one of the most effective but neglected ways to control your marketing costs.

Have your e-commerce website follow these 5 steps in order to increase your customer retention rate and create loyal brand consumers for your company.

  1. Customized Content and Suggestions – Create a section of your website that will provide customized content and product suggestions for customers. Based on what the customer has previously purchased or viewed, you can offer them original content, like white papers or product information, or even suggestions on future purchases. Customized content and suggestions help your customers figure out what is right for them, discover new products, and make them want to continually visit your website.
  2. Get Feedback – Receiving feedback, whether positive or negative, can help you improve your company. Send out surveys to your customers to find out how helpful (or possibly not-so-helpful) your website was to them. Ask customers who have returned items why they did so. If you offer some kind of incentive for filling out the survey, like a coupon or special deal, then your response rate will increase. You will be able to gain insight into your own company, while encouraging people to return to your website with the coupon or deal.
  3. Reward Loyal Customers – There are multiple types of deals available for loyal customers. Start a membership or punch card so that after they have spent a certain amount of money or made a certain amount of visits, they receive a gift. However, make the reward something that would be worthy to your specific consumer base.
  4. Triggered Coupons – Triggered coupons are when customers receive a deal after completing a certain action. For example, if someone signs up for your newsletter, then they get free shipping on their next purchase. Set up coupons to go out after a variety of actions to encourage another purchase. Once again, the deal must be interesting enough to make someone follow through. If you need to fill out a six-page form in order to get a $10 gift certificate, most people will not find that worth their time.
  5. Create a “Win Back” Offer – If you have some kind of subscription-based program with your company, you will want to create an offer to “win back” a customer who has decided to leave. These deals can include a lower rate on a certain fee, a one-time coupon, or free samples if they stay. If you can convince someone to stick around as a customer for a little bit longer, you may be able to win back their loyalty.

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