Variable Data Printing: A New Twist to an Old Method

Samuel Thimothy - August 26, 2010

Variable Data Printing, also known as VDP, is a marketing approach that has shown significant results for direct marketers and businesses of varying industries. This method of printing allows the sender to customize each and every document within a single run of digital printing. Customization of these print pieces can fall into various levels; such as static, personalized, versioned, and fully customized. Essentially, the sender can target their messaging to include the specific customer’s name on the document, print different versions of messaging to reach specific groups of people, or print messaging that is very personal and specific to each recipient.

The concept is simple: The more personalized or targeted a direct-mail piece or landing page is to the recipients, the greater its chances of eliciting a positive response. Variable printing will engage your target audience, enable reduced costs, encourage rapid turnaround, and empower effective communications.

Here are just a few of the critical benefits:

Faster Turnaround Times
With variable data printing you can get your materials printed and in the mail in just a couple of days. Digital technology delivers timelier and more relevant message out to potential customers, therefore increasing the odds of conversion. As well, updates and revisions can be made quicker and more efficiently.

Improved ROI
When executed properly, you will see much higher conversion rates with Variable Data Printing because the message can be personalized for such a wide range of individuals. When you connect on a one-to-one level with a customer, utilizing messaging catered to that person, the chances of converting the contact as a client is much greater.

Better reporting
Variable Data Printing provides the ability to perform detailed tracking and reporting on every campaign. Since the technology allows you to customize and brand your direct mail pieces as you see effective, you can add different codes, phone numbers and offers that will help you maintain an effective ongoing program. At the end of the day, every marketing campaign utilized needs to be measureable.

Variable Data Printing has changed the face of traditional direct marketing methods. It has taken the old system and revamped the process to be highly effective in the technology and online world. Don’t limit your business to just sending out postcards and flyers without a means to measure its response or to captivate your audience.

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