Direct Mail Marketing Surges In Politics

Solomon Thimothy - August 18, 2010

While many marketers may worry about direct mail marketing dying away, there are still plenty of people who are investing in it – specifically, in politics.

As it gets closer to November elections, you can see plenty of local, state, and national politicians choosing direct mail campaigns as part of their overall marketing tactics.

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour sent out a direct mail piece to Iowa Republicans earlier this month. The mail piece talks about Barbour’s political past and encourages people to sign up for updates on his website. Since Iowa is one of the early primary states, people speculate this direct mail campaign is to generate interest and support for the 2012 presidential election.

Another example is of Charles Perniciaro spending almost $16,000 on a direct mail marketing campaign while running in the state senate primary.

During the 2009 election, many politicians still used direct mail marketing, even though they had many new options to choose from. Bill O’Reilly, a direct-mail political strategist in New York City, said that people often delete emails without reading them. With direct mail pieces, people will throw them out, but only after holding them and looking at them quickly.

Politicians can use Variable Data Printing to create personalized information based on specific demographics appealing to various target groups. Each piece can have specific information and political talking points that each audience cares the most about.

When using Personalized URLs, politicians can use direct mail marketing to track interest based on a variety of demographics. They can see exactly who is responding to what information and then use that information in their other marketing efforts.

With so many new, digital-based marketing tools available, it might seem like direct mail marketing is getting left behind. However, any election year proves that direct mail marketing is still an effective marketing device that can create a lot of interest in your product or company.

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