5 Lead Nurturing Mistakes That Can Send Them Running

Solomon Thimothy - August 9, 2010

customer serviceLead nuturing is a very important part of the sales process. It can use up a lot of your time and resources nuturing a lead into a sale, so you don’t want to make any mistakes. Treating a lead properly can help encourage them, but treating them poorly can also send them away quickly.

Make sure you avoid these 10 lead nuturing mistakes with your qualified sales leads.

  1. Repeated Phone Calls – While it is important to contact your leads quickly, you also want ot make sure you aren’t harassing them. Repeatedly calling leads will only turn them off. Instead, try to create a multi-touch method of communication using email, phones calls, direct mail, or social media.
  2. Ignoring The Lead – While you don’t want to bombard your lead with phone calls and messages, you also don’t want to ignore them either. Make your leads feel like they are important to you. Giving them specialized attention and showing that you care are important steps in lead nuturing.
  3. Not Nuturing A Lead – Try not to get too discouraged with leads that don’t convert into sales right away. Some leads may need more time than others, so create a custom nuturing plan to show how your products and services fit them.
  4. Passing The Lead to Sales Too Slowly or Quickly – It is important to figure out exactly what stage in the sales process your leads are in before making your next decision. If they are in the research stage and are not ready to buy yet, then being too pushy will turn them away from your company. However, leads that are ready to purchase, but aren’t getting enough information from you, will also look to other companies. You want to make sure your company is exactly where your lead is.
  5. Being Too Personal – If you are contacting a relatively new lead, do not just assume that you can be extremely friendly with them. First establish your relationship with them before getting too close. Also, remember that there are certain personal topics, like politics and religion, that should never be discussed no matter how close your relationship gets. Always be polite and friendly.

No matter how many leads you get, if you don’t convert those leads into sales then your business will never grow. Don’t make any of these mistakes to turn potential sales away from your business.

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