7 Ways You Might Be Ruining Your B2B Website Optimization

Solomon Thimothy - July 30, 2010

Every website needs to be optimized in order to receive the best results. Although every company may have a different target audience, there are a few key pieces that every optimized website needs. Without these pieces, you might be ruining your B2B Website Optimization.

  1. Not Putting Keywords In Your Page Titles A page title is the phrase that appears in the to bar of your browser window. These are one of the first things search engines look at to find relevant content. Many businesses have a tendency to make their page titles say “Home” or “About Us.” However, you should be optimizing that space for the specific keywords you are targeting.
  2. Optimizing the Same Keywords on Multiple Pages Each page of your website should be optimized for a different keyword to make sure that you aren’t competing with yourself or not getting listed because of duplicate content. If one web page is optimized for “automotive repairs” another page should be optimized for “car repairs” and another for “automotive repair shops.” This allows various pages of your website to be optimized for different keywords that all relate to your business.
  3. Removing Social Media Links Even though your social media pages may be used as a way to create inbound links to your website, you should constantly be promoting them to anyone who visits your website. People who prefer to use social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to keep track of their favorite companies will appreciate your social media presence. It will also help you build a stronger following and increase your brand awareness around the web.
  4. No Clear Call To Action It is important to have a clear and compelling call to action on every page of your website. You never know how people are going to find your website so having a call to action on only a few pages is not a wise idea. Make sure your call to action attracts a visitor’s attention and makes it easy for you to convert leads into sales.
  5. No Valuable Offers A compelling call to action includes reasons why visitors should work with your company. If they are giving you their contact information, you should be providing something in return. Make your offers something that your visitors will not be able to refuse.
  6. Cluttering Your Landing Page Your landing page should be set up in a way that makes a visitor want to fill out your form and give you their information. If you have too much going on, then you might be distracting visitors from key information and keeping them from converting. Optimized landing pages can help increase conversions from your leads.
  7. Offering Little or No New Content Search engines are constantly looking for fresh, new content. There are multiple ways of providing that, whether it is a news page or a blog that talks about topics related to your industry. New information not only helps your search engine rankings, but gives people reasons to come back to your website.

Look over your B2B website to see if it is completely optimized to convert clicks into customers. If it isn’t, then you are in danger of losing potential customers every day.

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