3 Ways To Increase Your Local Search Rankings

Solomon Thimothy - July 28, 2010

search engine marketingLocal search is a great way to better reach your specific target audience. Approximately 73% of all online activity is related to local content, according to Google.

The target audience for your business may be people who live in a specific town or state, so setting up a national or global search campaign would be a waste of your search marketing budget. Local search engine marketing is a simple way to make sure your company is seen by the people who have the potential of become a client or customer.

Enhance your local search engine rankings by following these local search marketing tips.

  1. Location-specific content – There are multiple places throughout your website where you can add location-specific content. Add it into your main page content, your title tags and meta tags, and bold and highlight the specific keywords. Saying “Chicago law office” will receive a more targeted audience response than just saying “law office.” Make sure you aren’t overdoing the keywords as there will be actual people reading through the content, not just search engine bots. However there are plenty of ways to add in specific cities and towns into your content to make it more specialized.
  2. Location-based landing pages – If your company targets a variety of towns and locations, create location-based landing pages. Each of these individualized pages should have unique content that is optimized for that specific local search. You should also include information that is specific to that town or location. Having such localized content will help increase your rankings for those specific local searches.
  3. Local Search Websites – Websites like Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local are basic search websites that can help you with local search. Create a profile on these pages and optimize it with a lot of content, links, photos, and descriptions. The people who are using these types of websites are clearly looking for local businesses so they already are more specialized for your search keywords.

With 54% of Americans leaving behind their yellow pages and phone books for online local searches according to Comscore, it is important for your business to adjust its online marketing to include local search. Optimize your search engine marketing to be specialized for local search.

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