4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Solomon Thimothy - July 26, 2010

email marketingThere are a lot of email service providers available who give a variety of solutions for your email marketing campaign. Many of the more inexpensive ones only give you cheap and easy tools, but these may not be the best options for your business.

There are 4 simple ways that you can create an effective email marketing campaign that draws in new and returning customers to your business.

    1. Unique Design – Templates and basic layouts seem like a simple way to get your email marketing campaign started, but it may not bring the best results. Your email campaign is another aspect of your company and should reflect it accordingly. Use your email campaign to build your brand by using your company’s logo and colors. A unique design will cause your emails to stand out from all of the other emails your subscribers receive every single day.


  • Quality Writing – Good design will draw in your subscribers to your email, but good writing is important to convey your specific message. Use concise writing that will catch your subscribers’ interest and make them want to read your emails. Every target audience is looking for different things so make sure your content reaches out to them specifically.



  • Quantity and Consistency – Email messages do not need to be single email blasts for each campaign you run. If you plan on having a sale at your store one week, send out a email before the sale, once the sale starts as a reminder, and a warning right before sale is over. People now get inundated by emails so sending only a single message means your email might get lost in the shuffle. However, you also don’t want to spam your subscribers with too many emails. It is about finding the right number that fits your target audience. You want to keep your company at the top of your subscribers’ minds, so find the right balance between single messages that are quickly forgotten and too many messages that irritate your subscribers.



  • Statistics – The only way to know if your email campaigns are working is to track them. The most important numbers to follow are your “opens,” which is the number of people who actually opened your email, “click-through,” which is the number or percentage of people who clicked on the links provided in your email, and “opt-out,” which is the number of people who unsubscribed from your email list. If you are using an email provider to track these numbers, it is important to make sure that you know exactly how these numbers are calculated. Many times, click-through rates are based on a percentage of opens, not of all emails sent. However opt-outs are shown as a percentage of emails sent out. Knowing exactly how your statistics are calculated will give you a much better impression of how your email campaign is doing.



It is important to create email campaigns that are relevant and significant to your subscriber list. This is the best way to increase deliverability and the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

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